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 Here you can find the FAQ regarding our products, how to install them, questions about light bulbs, etc. Do you have a question not already answered here? Click here and then send a message to our product support.


What type of dimmer should I use for my lamp?


     1. For lamps with 12V halogen light sources, such as G4, MR16, a dimmer designed for electronic transformers should be used.
     2. For lamps with 230V light bulbs, a dimmer designed for incandescent lamps should be used



How long is the warranty period on the lamp?

Answer: We provide 5 Year Warranty unless specifically stated otherwise on our product pages or our website.


 How do I lower my lamp hanging in a cord?

 Answer: Press the little tube releasing the latch for the cable.



How do I extend the cord on my lamp?

Answer: Contact your dealer and they will help you. We can extend the wires to most of our lamps. Sometimes you have to extend the wire or the chain that the lamp hangs in .



Is the LED replaceable?

Answer: Depends on the model, but generally either only the LED or the LED in combination with some electronics is/are replaceable. In over 99% of cases it is the actuator that is broken.


Can I change the LED on my lamp myself?

Answer: No, but we can change it for you. Within the warranty period you can have it changed free of charge. After the warranty period, the customer pays. We stock spare parts for 5 years after the product has been taken out of our assortment.


How many spotlights do I need in a room?

Answer: A good rule is that it takes about 20-35W halogen light per square metre in a room.